Spindle Brakes

Directly from the spindle manufacturer
  1. Short braking time
  2. Reliable
  3. Flexible
  4. Easy installation

Novibra is the only spindle manufacturer producing both spindles and the corresponding spindle brakes. This ensures that both parts match perfectly. With their replaceable braking shoes, Novibra spindle brakes can easily be switched to fit a different diameter. Two types of spindle brakes are available: a universal U model and a R model, based on Rieter design.

U model

Novibra’s universal brake U model is designed for spindles with braking diameters of 24 and 28 mm. They feature replaceable braking shoes which allows customer to easily switch from one diameter to the other.  Specially designed by Novibra for its spindles, the brakes are easy to install and their perfect fit ensures the shortest braking time.

R model

Novibra’s brake R, based on Rieter machine design, is suitable for spindles with braking diameters of 32, 28 and 24 mm. The R model comes in two versions: with replaceable braking shoes for full flexibility, and without braking shoes, for Rieter spinning machines. Thanks to an optimized material composition, the brakes benefit from reliability and durabilty. 

Fixing dimensions


U model28 mm6 mm3.5 mm
R model24.5 mm6 mm6 mm


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