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Novibra, the world’s leading supplier of high-speed spindles, is a subsidiary of the Rieter Group. The company, based in Boskovice (Czech Republic), creates customer value through system expertise, innovative solutions, after sales excellence and global presence. The leading position of Novibra spindles is based on patented design of spindle insert and the highest quality of the production. Almost all renowned manufacturers of ring spinning machines specify Novibra spindles for high performance. 

Novibra has always been at the forefront of innovation. Since its creation in 1920, the company has developed a world-renowned reputation. Novibra’s history of many firsts in spindle technology include spindle speed of 30 000 rpm, wharve diameter of 17.5 mm and underwinding-free crowns. With millions of spindles in operation around the world, Novibra is a benchmark brand in its field. 


Recognized as a pioneer and leader in spindle technology, Novibra provides value-added solutions which make a difference and take customers’ competitiveness to the next level. Novibra’s spindles are characterized by a unique hydro dynamic two-level bearing system that effectively absorbs imbalances, resulting in the industry’s longest operational lifetime and high reliability. Often imitated, never duplicated, Novibra spindles and crowns stand for superior quality and high precision.


Founded in 1920 by Carl Staufert, Novibra is a spindle technology pioneer. Its revolutionary solutions set new benchmarks in high precision spindles for spinners around the world.

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Good corporate citizenship and integrity are core to Novibra's success.


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