Maintenance device for lubrication of high-speed spindles
  1. Economical due to zero drip
  2. Easy maintenance, operation and service
  3. Effective LED strip indication

To easily maintain all kinds of spindle bolsters, Novibra provides LUBRICO – E, a lubrication device. This all-in-one device is used both for the first oil filling and the oil change while it even cleans the spindle bearing.

Novibra original design enables LUBRICO – E to supply fresh oil into the spindle bearing and drain waste oil simultaneously. As a result, the oil is not only fully changed in the correct oil level but at the same time spindle bearing is flushed out from used oil. Thanks to the design of the oiling head the oil level in the spindle bearing is constant after filling, irrespective of the quantity of oil pumped through the bearing. Due to removable oil canister is oil handling very easy.

LED strip indicates the time for proper filling considering the oil stabilization to avoid dripping, without need of watching the display. Low weight of LUBRICO – E enables easy movement along the spinning machine. The machine operation is intuitive and easy.


LUBRICO – E – Brochure


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