The Winning Combination to Reach New Levels of Performance

Mr. Halil Ibrahim Yalim, Mill Manager (left) and Mr. Sefa Uysal, Maintenance Manager (right)

Arık Bey, member of Akkanat Holding, was founded in 1985. The company counts 4 facilities located in Beysehir, Corlu and Istanbul and produces 10 million kg of cotton a year. It serves the spinning, confection and embroidery markets and supplies the world’s largest sportswear brands. Arık Bey stands for high quality and pursues one goal: turning cotton into perfection.

The Challenge

After more than 20 years of trouble-free service, it was time to replace the installed Novibra NASA HPS 68 spindles on Arık Bey’s ring spinning machines G30. The company investigated two options: keeping investment as low as possible and only replace the installed spindles or purchasing new machines from other spinning machine manufacturers. The unrivaled technology from Novibra coupled with the expert support from Rieter technicians were a game changer and convinced Arık Bey to trust in Novibra and Rieter.

The Solution

The NASA HPS 68 appeared again as a clear fit for Arık Bey. With outstanding lifetime and superior performance, the spindle proved to be right choice in the past and for the future. The customer was also eager to try CROCOdoff, Novibra’s self-cleaning clamping crowns for autodoffing machines in order to further increase production, optimize energy saving and reduce cleaning efforts. 
Arık Bey upgraded its existing Rieter ring spinning machines G30 with Novibra NASA HPS 68 spindles with CROCOdoff.
In addition, Bräcker TITAN rings and Suessen EliTe compacting system completed the upgrade.

The Customer's Benefits

The ring spinning machines G30 have been set up for spindle wharve dia of Novibra standard 18.5 so that the spindle speed could be increased without additional load and high energy consumption of the machine itself. Thanks to CROCOdoff clamping crowns, the start-up end breaks per machine were reduced from 40 – 45 to 15 – 20 in average, when spinning 100% cotton, Ne 30 at 16 000 rpm. Additionally, the underwinding-free concept of CROCOdoff led to fewer operators and less maintenance. The machines do not need to be stopped anymore for the cleaning of the spindle catching area so operators can focus on tasks with greater added value.

Arik Bey confirmed that since its installation last year, there has not been a need to clean the CROCOdoff. This is a huge benefit compared to traditional underwinding systems which require a monthly shut down of the machine for cleaning purposes.

There is also a reduction in underwinding waste compared to traditional systems as CROCOdoff needs less than one turn of the yarn to execute secure yarn grip for doffing. 

Satisfied with the results of the 10 upgraded G30 machines, Arık Bey is currently proceeding with the modernization of another six machines and plans to invest to upgrade the remaining 24 machines.

NASA HPS 68 and CROCOdoff are the perfect combination to reach new levels of performance.
We are very satisfied with the fact that start-up end breaks have been reduced to one third despite the increased machine speed by 1 000 rpm.Mr. Halil Ibrahim Yalim, Mill Manager of Arık Bey

Arık Bey

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