Spindles HPS 68/3

  • for the modernization of existing machines
  • for new installations


The same features as standard HPS 68 spindle:

  • standard Novibra design with one piece inset and two bearing levels
  • minimum wharve diameter of 18.5 mm for highest spindle speeds at minimum speeds of driving elements
  • high quality, low vibration, long life
  • good running performance, even in cases of extreme imbalance of the cops
  • limitation of the spindle speed by the spinning process and not by the spindle bearing
  • supplied with hook as well as with internal lock (AV lock)
  • standard type is with spring clutches but can be supplied also with centrifugal clutches
  • spindle has ALU top part

In addition:

  • Foot step bearing diameter 3 mm giving energy savings up to 3 watt per spindle compared with any other spindle in the market today


The same features as HPS 68 spindle:

  • recommended for spinning Ne 14 – 100
  • recommended speed up to 20 000 RPM reflects the noise level requirements

In addition:

  • Energy consumption reduction per spindle at the same speed, or increase of the spindle speed with the same energy consumption
  • Thanks to excellent design adaptable to each ring spinning machine with autodoffer


  • low vibration
  • low noise level
  • low energy consumption
  • long lubricating cycle 
  • low maintenance
  • long operating life time

In addition:

  • Even lower energy consumption than standard HPS 68 spindle