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Novibra will present to spinning mills several innovative solutions for energy savings and trouble free maintenance.

Spindles with modern ring spinning machines can reach speeds up to 25,000 rpm. In these high-speed applications energy consumption is an important issue. Novibra is proud to introduce the new LENA (Low Energy consumption and Noise Absorption) high-speed spindles. LENA design has been developed from well-proven Novibra Noise Absorbing System Assembly (NASA), which ensures minimum neck bearing load, minimum vibration and significantly lower noise level at high speed. LENA features additionally the unique and the only on the market 17.5 mm wharve diameter and 3mm footstep bearing diameter and as a result lower energy consumption.

Product that gained tremendous recognition especially on the Chinese market is the clamping and cutting crown CROCOdoff, which is now available also as CROCOdoff Forte for coarse yarns. The crown is operated by the spindle speed and has been designed for machines with autodoffer. The improved design of the "teeth" guarantees a reliable clamping and cutting of the yarn. In addition, CROCOdoff reduces the risk of yarn breakage during start-up, decreases energy consumption, minimizes material loss and reduces maintenance. CROCOdoff can be supplied with a new machine or as an upgrade for existing machine.