• for the modernization of existing machines
  • for new installations


  • Crocodoff is a clamping device for autodoffing machines
  • New CROCOdoff ensures improved cutting of the yarn and minimizes problems associated with automatic doffing and start up.
  • CROCOdoff works automatically. Closing (yarn catching) and opening (yarn releasing) is ensured by spindle speed change
  • Less than 270° of yarn underwinding eliminates cleaning of the yarn catching device.


  • Well proven solution of clamping of the yarn for all standard materials from Ne 12 up to the finest ones


  • opening and closing of cutting crown by centrifugal force
  • no uncontroled yarn-end flying
  • reduction of yarn breakage
  • reduction of energy consumption
  • clean yarn catching part (less cleaning)
  • easy fixing and exchange of CROCOdoff crown on CROCOdoff spindles